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Why having a website is important

The most important thing in the digital marketing realm is having an attractive and user-friendly website. In orders for you to rank on any search engine, it is mandatory to have a website. As a Toronto web design expert, we can create a beautiful elegant website that your users will enjoy. We will also make your website SEO friendly so it will be easier for you to start ranking on google. We understand that you want the best design possible for your website, so we are willing to dedicate as much time as possible until you are satisfied

Conversion Tracking

We will also install all the necessary tools for you to monitor your traffic. Google analytics, tag manager, and search console will be installed on your website so you could track conversions and user engagement. These tools can track almost anything you defined as a conversion, this makes it easier for you to visually see ROI (Return On Investment). These tools are mostly used in seo to see what your customers are searching and what funnel they use to get to your landing page.

Mobile Friendly Design

Nowadays, consumers are using their phones to search instead of the traditional desktop computer Google will rank a businesses website that is mobile-friendly higher when someone searches for a product or service on their smartphone. So it is very import to have a website that is fast and mobile responsive. Simple details like having a click to call button or making sure the website fits on a mobile screen make a big difference. Its small details like those can determine whether a website visitor will convert or not. We will make sure your website is mobile friendly as well as secure.

Free SSL Certificate

If you decide to host your website with us then we will give you a free Secure Sockets Layer certificate (https). Having a SSL certificate helps Google determine if your website is safe. In return, this also increases your website’s ranking and your users will feel more comfortable submitting their information. SSL encrypts the user’s information, so hackers cannot steal their information. It ensures that all data/information passed between your customers and the website is completely private.

WordPress And Drupal Hosting

The most popular content management system (CMS) used today is WordPress. With over 10 million websites, WordPress comes with a variety of features. WordPress is also one of my favorite CMS to use when creating a website. We are able to create an updated feature-rich WordPress website that won’t disappoint. If you prefer something a little fewer features, then we can also create a website with Drupal, another popular CMS.

Hosting Features:

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Answers to a few frequently ask questions regarding Web Design and Web Hosting

Web design is creating web-page layout, graphic, content and other developments that goes into creating a website. 

It depends on what type of website the client wants, and if the content is already created. If the client already has content for their website then it would take  less than a day.

Depending on the clients needs, the price of a website usually ranges. But we charge an average of $300 for a new creation. 

We change the same $20 per month for hosting, not including the price of your domain name. 

Yes, all websites hosting on our server gets a free SSL certificate. Other hosting providers usually charge $200+ annually for a SSL certificate, we give you one absolutely free!