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What Is Pay Per Click?

PPC also refer to as pay per click is a paid alternative to organic search, in which an advertiser create a paid campaign to advertise on search engines like google, yahoo or Bing. PPC is the fasted way to rank on search engines for any keywords, without the need for SEO. It instantly places you on the first page in the top 4 spots depending on your bid. Google also enables you to have your paid add in the maps section, depending on if your ad has the location extension.

Why hire an expert

This process might sound simple on paper but it can be a bit convoluting when you try to create your own campaign without the right knowledge. Because applications like Google AdWords are paid platforms, a simple mistake can be costly. You might also be targeting the wrong audience, resulting in high traffic but low conversions. We are experts at running PPC campaigns without while preventing any unnecessary cost.

Our approach to PPC

We take a different approach than most marketing agencies, we focus on getting you quality clicks over quantity. We optimize your campaign to target customers that are more likely to lead to a conversion instead of wasting money on targeting everyone. Depending on the service or product you are offering, keyword bids can be a bit expensive. We try to optimize your keywords and landing page to increase the quality score for each keyword, which leads to a decrease in bids while maintaining a high rank.

We are also certified in AdWords search, display, and mobile advertising. We are the expert that will make sure you see a return on every dollar put into your campaign. There are also tools we can use to track the performance of your campaign. Our strategies are proven to improve the overall performance of paid campaigns. If you prefer paid ads on Yahoo and Bing search engines we are also experts on those platforms. Contact us for more info, as one of GTA and Toronto’s ppc experts we can help.

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Answers to a few frequently ask questions regarding PPC (Pay Per Click)

With Pay Per Click you create a campaign on an  advertising platform (example Adwords) to show your ads, then they charge you a certain amount depending on how many times your ad was clicked on or searched (CPM)

With PPC you are paying search engines rank your website on the first page, SEO is optimizing your website to improve its rank organically.

With PPC you can pay search engines like google to place your website on the first page, PPC has a higher conversion rate than organic results. If you want to rank on the first page as soon as possible then PPC is the way to go.

Search Engine Marketing ( also referred to as SEM) is using different techniques to increase your visibility on search engine, Pay Per Click is mainly using paid ads to increase your visibility.