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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable digital marketing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses that are flexible enough to fit their marketing budgets. We will help your business generate leads, traffic, and drive sales. Our Main focus is to make sure you see a return on every dollar you invest in your digital marketing presence. High-Quality services without the High-Quantity price. 



~ Generate leads
~ Improve organic rankings
~ Increase organic traffic
~ Targeted services related keywords

Pay Per Clicks

~ Instantly generate website traffic
~ Rank 1st without the wait
~ Get quality leads
~ Only target areas you service

Brand Awareness

~ Increase brand awareness
~ Advertise based on interest & topics
~ Website placements
~ Target demographics

Website Design

~ Create a stunning website
~ Optimize website for Mobile and Desktop
~ Track conversions and leads
~ User-friendly interface

Email Marketing

~ Promote product or service
~ Special offers and promotions
~ Update your clients
~ Increase client database

Website Hosting

~ Free SSL Certificate
~ Fast website
~ Unlimited sub domains
~ FTP and WordPress access

What can internet marketing do for your business?

What We do

It is not easy to run a business while trying to improve your online presence, that’s where we come in. We can create or improve all your Search Engine Marketing, Search engine optimization, Web Design, and Social Media campaigns. We are in a digital era, where most businesses revenue stream comes from online leads. Although some business still uses “word of mouth” or traditional marketing techniques to promote their business, having a digital presence is still the most effective way.

In Tune

With search engines like Google constantly changing their algorithms, it’s difficult for a business owner to stay up to date with the newest techniques and guidelines. Like most search engines google can be extremely strict with their policies and can penalize some business who they believe violates their terms, even accidentally. That’s where we come in, with over 7 years of experience we stay in tune with all the newest algorithm updates. We are always on top of your marketing campaigns so you can focus on serving your customers. 

Our Objective

Our campaigns are focused on driving quality conversations through appropriate funnels that are relevant to your business. Not all businesses favor the same metrics when trying to drive conversions. Example, a local business would prioritize calls to the business over website site visitor form submissions. An online business like an e-commerce website would prefer form submissions or online sales over calls to their business. Whatever your business goals are we are here to help you achieve them. 

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Digital Strategies

There are a few things we evaluate before deciding on what marketing strategy best fits your business. Each business is unique and values different forms of leads, these are the major conversion funnels that businesses value:

Once we find the correct conversion funnel that suits your goals, then we can implement the proper digital marketing strategies that we think will work best for your business.

Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optamization

Seo is the most well-known strategies in the digital marketing world, it is also one of the most difficult to implement. As one of the Toronto’s most experienced digital marketing agency, we have a few SEO best practices and strategies that will get you ranking on the first page. We put a lot of time into developing the best SEO strategy that fits our clients. Our processes are always updated to be up to speed with Google, Bing, and other search engine’s ever-changing algorithm.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads get up to 65% more clicks over organic on the search engine results page. Searchers are prone to click the results they see on the top of the page, and because google ads place you within the first 4 spots it’s often known to have a higher CTR over organic results. We are certified in Google ads (formally known as AdWords) search and display, so when it comes to PPC advertising it is safe to say we are one of the experts. Unlike SEO, PPC is great for business who want to take to quickest route to ranking first on the SERP. If you are looking for a certified PPC expert in Toronto then look no further.

Display/Programmatic Ads

Display advertising (also Known as Programmatic advertising) is a perfect way to get your brand known. We are able to create banners, text, and rich media ads then advertise them on a variety of websites in the GDN (Google Display Network). There are a few options with advertising in GDN, we will find the solution that best fits you and your business goals. We can tailor a display campaign around your service or product, so you will see optimum results.

Email Marketing

You may have been on your favorite website and notice a small popup, or a box saying “subscribe to our newsletter” chances are they are requesting for you to register to their mailing list, this is a form of email marketing. Email marketing has been around for a while, more and more business are starting to leverage this technology to try and gain the upper hand over their competitors. We have mastered the art of email marketing, using different techniques like A/B testing to get you the best results.

Web Design

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably come across a website and wondered “why can’t I have a website like this” well now you can. We will design a website that suits your needs whether personal or business, each website we develop are highly customizable with features tailored to your business. We also provide hosting for your website, which comes with monthly update and maintenance, all for a reasonable monthly fee. Let us be your Toronto web Design Expert.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses are starting to notice the benefits of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media is a good way to find potential customers and keep your current customers engaged with new content. We can monetize your social media platform to bring awareness, leads, and interest to you your business. Don’t be the last to take advantage of this social media to improve your business’s success, contact our Toronto social media expert.


Answers to a few frequently ask questions in the internet marking industry

Digital Marketing is when you market any product or services via the internet or any digital channels.

Online and Internet marketing is a subcategory of digital marketing, Since Digital marketing covers all digital forms of marketing including Text, Email, Stream, Internet, Etc.

The price of digital marketing all depends on what digital channel you are using, with PPC the most costly but effective depending on your goals.

Traditional marketing covers all methods of marketing that uses physical/tangible channels, such as billboards, flyers, print ads and other physical channels.